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  • 19.09.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds corrected somewhat on profit taking after the IMF finally gave the country the third tranche of USD 1.0bn und...> дальше

  • 15.09.16 Облигации

    The IMF’s statement that its board of directors will finally consider granting Ukraine its third tranche under last year’s cooperation program acted a...> дальше

  • 06.09.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian Eurobonds were on the rise last week thanks to optimism that the country may finally be within reach of passing the second review of its IMF...> дальше

  • 29.08.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds were little changed over the week in which the country marked its 25th anniversary of independence from Moscow. On the ...> дальше

  • 22.08.16 Облигации

    Ukraine’s Eurobonds were lower last week following the previous week’s widespread reports in the Western media that Russia is bolstering its military ...> дальше

  • 15.08.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian Eurobonds were mixed last week, as the summer calm on financial markets has helped the papers to avoid volatility related to the massive new...> дальше

  • 15.08.16 Еженедельный обзор

    Котировки акций отечественных эмитентов с листингом на Украинской бирже показали преимущественно отрицательную динамику на прошлой неделе. Трейдеры фи...> дальше

  • 01.08.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds were moderately lower for the final week of July. The uncertainty regarding continuation of the country’s IMF program m...> дальше

  • 25.07.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian Eurobonds saw their month-long post-Brexit rally interrupted last week after negative news that the long-awaited resumption of IMF lending w...> дальше

  • 18.07.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds rose again last week as global investors resumed their hunt for risky high-yield instruments amid the strong post-Brexi...> дальше