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  • 14.11.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds declined sharply amid a wipe-out in the value of bonds world-wide last week after the upset victory of Donald...> дальше

  • 08.11.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended slightly lower last week, while the country’s corporate debt papers continued their bull run, rallying for the fou...> дальше

  • 31.10.16 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds failed to post further gains last week, declining moderately amid a climb in global government bond yields to the highes...> дальше

  • 24.10.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds rose across the board last week after Moscow declared its support for an armed OSCE mission to monitor the truce in the ...> дальше

  • 17.10.16 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds declined last week as skepticism over the country’s readiness for the winter season triggered some selling momentum. Bot...> дальше

  • 17.10.16 Еженедельный обзор

    На Украинской бирже динамика индекса UX за прошедшую неделю была невыразительной. Индикатор рынка, несмотря на попытки штурмовать уровень 860 пунктов,...> дальше

  • 10.10.16 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds were little-changed last week, as investors examined the IMF’s finally-published report on the second review of its coop...> дальше

  • 03.10.16 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were lower on more profit-taking last week, as investors still appear unsatisfied with the pace of the countr...> дальше

  • 03.10.16 Еженедельный обзор

    На прошлой неделе на украинском рынке акций наблюдалась вполне ожидаемая коррекция после устойчивого роста, который начался в конце августа. Значитель...> дальше

  • 26.09.16 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were lower for the week ignoring the US Federal Reserve decision to hold off its key interest rate increase. Meanwhile, ...> дальше