Отчеты по отраслям

  • 28.03.11 Машиностроение

    Motor Sich: Outperformance Continues to Drive Value - Motor Sich is targeting a rise in its revenue of 22.6% in 2011 to USD 767mn, management announce...> дальше

  • 28.03.11 Химический сектор

    Concern Stirol: 180-Degree Turnaround - We expect Stirol to cross its lossmaking curve decisively in 2011, posting a net margin of 12% and a healthy n...> дальше

  • 23.03.11 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    Ferrexpo: Putting the Party on Hold - Ferrexpo today released its FY10 results, which are in line with our expectations. The company’s sales doubled Y...> дальше

  • 17.03.11 Финансовый сектор

    Ukrainian Banking Quarterly 1Q11 - We recommend Ukrsotsbank as a BUY in the equity market. We believe FUIB-14s and Privatbank-16s have potential for p...> дальше

  • 15.03.11 Машиностроение

    Bogdan Motors: Going for a Long Drive - Bogdan Motors is set to see its top line jump by 2.3x YoY to USD 534mn in 2011, thanks in large part to the co...> дальше

  • 11.03.11 Телекоммуникации

    UkrTelecom: The End of the UTLM Privatization Epic - The State Property Fund signed a deal with Austrian fi nancial consulting fi rm EPIC on the priva...> дальше

  • 02.03.11 Еженедельный обзор

    Торговую сессию вторника украинский фондовый рынок завершил в красной зоне, после того как усилились опасение инвесторов по поводу замедления экономич...> дальше

  • 01.03.11 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    Avdyivka Coke: Transfer Pricing Squeezes Upside - Avdyivka Coke saw its capacity load rise from 69% in 1H10 to 86% in 2H10 and 99% in January 2011 tha...> дальше

  • 22.02.11 Агро сектор

    Astarta: 2010 Unaudited Results - Reaping the Rewards of Strong Prices - We note excellent results for 2010 as reported by Astarta in its unaudited fi...> дальше

  • 17.02.11 Финансовый сектор

    Ukrainian Banking Quarterly 4Q10 - We recommend Ukrsotsbank as a BUY in the equity market. We believe FUIB- 14s have strong potential for price apprec...> дальше