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  • 12.05.11 Машиностроение

    Turboatom: Turning up the Power - The saga of Turboatom’s blistering financial performance continued for a sixth consecutive quarter in 1Q11, with rev...> дальше

  • 05.05.11 Investment Guides

    EAVEX UKRAINE INVESTMENT GUIDE, UPDATED MAY 2011 - The Ukrainian market’s solid performance in 2010 was based on three major factors: First, there was...> дальше

  • 05.05.11 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    Centralny GOK: Enriching Your Dreams - Centralny GOK is in position to ride the cresting wave of high iron ore prices over 2011-12. Following 30% YoY ...> дальше

  • 27.04.11 Агро сектор

    Astarta 2010 IFRS: Strong and Growing - Astarta has disclosed its audited financials for 2010 today. Astarta garnered USD 293.4mn in revenue in 2010, ...> дальше

  • 26.04.11 Агро сектор

    Trading Idea: Astarta - Sugar market developments seem to be playing into Astarta’s hands. The world’s sugar stock-to-use ratio has been tough at 19% ...> дальше

  • 26.04.11 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    MMK Illicha: ‘Under Review’ on Big 1Q11 Net Loss - We put our target price and recommendation on MMK Illicha stock under review. This decision was tri...> дальше

  • 21.04.11 Финансовый сектор

    Ukrsotsbank: 1Q11 UAS Results - Still not a surprise - The trends observable in Ukrsotsbank’s 1Q11 UAS financials have been unchanged from those seen ...> дальше

  • 15.04.11 Агро сектор

    Landkom, MCB Agricole and Sintal Agriculture: The Three Musketeers - With this report we initiate coverage of a trio of promising mid-cap Ukrainian ag...> дальше

  • 01.04.11 Нефть и Газ

    JKX Oil&Gas Plc: Better Luck Next Year - JKX Oil & Gas saw its operating profit decline by 21% YoY to USD 95mn in FY10, mainly due to an unexpected dr...> дальше

  • 29.03.11 Агро сектор

    MHP S.A.: Profi t Up Despite Slip in Margins - MHP’s FY10 financial results feature a 33% YoY rise in revenues to USD 944mn and a similar 35% jump in ...> дальше