Отчеты по отраслям

  • 07.06.12 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    Avdyivka Coke’s share price has plunged by 61% year-to-date compared to a 41% YtD drop in the UX index. One of the key reason for the stock’s underper...> дальше

  • 31.05.12 Еженедельный обзор

    Украинский фондовый рынок упал по итогам прошедшей торговой сессии на 3,15%. Внешний фон перед открытием наших площадок умеренно позитивный. Мы ожида...> дальше

  • 23.05.12 Макроэкономика

    Despite recent speculative attempts to undercut the reputation of Ukraine’s state finances, the country looks to be on sound footing for the near term...> дальше

  • 17.05.12 Агро сектор

    Strong year-on-year growth in its average selling price allowed MHP to post an EBITDA increase of 48% YoY to USD 84mn in 1Q12. Revenue was up by 21% Y...> дальше

  • 27.04.12 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    Avdyivka Coke disclosed disappointed earnings for 2H11 this week: EBITDA turned negative USD 35mn vs. positive USD 41mn in 1H11 while sales were down ...> дальше

  • 19.04.12 Машиностроение

    Stakhanov Wagon continued a pattern of failing to meet its production guidance in 1Q12, and saw its freight car output fall by 35% YoY in the period. ...> дальше

  • 18.04.12 Облигации

    Metinvest has reported outstanding preliminary results for FY11: revenue was up by 52% YoY to USD 14.2bn, and the group’s EBITDA rose by 40% to USD 3....> дальше

  • 11.04.12 Электроэнергетика

    With CentrEnergo’s tiny net profit of UAH 35mn (USD 4.4mn) for FY11 already priced in by the market, traders’ focus has shifted to the company’s FY11 ...> дальше

  • 10.04.12 Макроэкономика

    With Ukraine’s headline inflation now at a 9-year low of 1.9%, real interest rates have reached historically high levels of 8% to 10%, driving a sharp...> дальше

  • 09.04.12 Финансовый сектор

    UkrSotsBank has announced that it is planning to increase its charter capital by 94.5%, or by UAH 1.2bn to UAH 2.47bn (USD 309mn) with an additional s...> дальше