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  • 24.03.14 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds rebounded sharply last week as investors shifted their focus from the country’s de-facto loss of its southern Crimea pro...> дальше

  • 17.03.14 Облигации

    High regional tensions between Ukraine and Russia ahead of this weekend’s secession referendum in Crimea pushed quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds to thei...> дальше

  • 13.03.14 Макроэкономика

    An International Monetary Fund team arrived in Kyiv on Mar 4 to collect information and start working on a loan program which could amount to as much ...> дальше

  • 06.03.14 Финансовый сектор

    Raiffeisen Bank Aval reported a net profit of UAH 730mn (USD90mn) for FY13, implying a return on equity of 10.3%. The bank’s P/E ratio for 2014E curre...> дальше

  • 03.03.14 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended the week firmly higher as market players bet on the country’s ability to get immediate financial support from the ...> дальше

  • 24.02.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds experienced a wild ride last week, first gaining sharply on Monday (Feb 17) on the promise of a USD 2bn cash injection f...> дальше

  • 17.02.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds sold off heavily again last week, with the yield on the benchmark long-term issue rising above 10% amid an apparent stal...> дальше

  • 10.02.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds ended generally higher last week, helped by suggestions that Western countries might step in with an aid package to repl...> дальше

  • 03.02.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds lost more ground last week despite a 1-day jump on Tuesday (Jan 28) following the resignation of Prime Minister Nikolay ...> дальше

  • 27.01.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds got hammered across the board last week amid a sharp escalation in political unrest in Kyiv, which also began to spread ...> дальше