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  • 19.05.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds appreciated last week, helped by optimism from the placement of a new US-backed 5-year USD 1.0bn issue at a 1.844% yield...> дальше

  • 13.05.14 Агро сектор

    MHP is set to announce its FY13 dividend in the next few days, and we forecast a 40% net income payout of 61 cents per share, implying a dividend yiel...> дальше

  • 12.05.14 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukraine’s sovereign and corporate Eurobonds rallied last week after the country received its first IMF cash in more than 3 years in the for...> дальше

  • 06.05.14 Облигации

    Although the IMF’s board in Washington announced final approval of a USD 17bn stand-by program for Ukraine last week, the country’s sovereign Eurobond...> дальше

  • 28.04.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s benchmark long term Eurobond sold off sharply last week as military conflict in the eastern provinces kept Ukraine in the headlines of inter...> дальше

  • 22.04.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s tenuous political situation, marked by ongoing tensions in the eastern provinces, continued to weigh on the country’s Eurobonds last week. Q...> дальше

  • 14.04.14 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereigns got hammered last week after armed pro-Russian paramilitary groups escalated the tension in Eastern Ukraine by seizing government...> дальше

  • 07.04.14 Облигации

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds finished only slightly higher last week, as news of an apparent price increase for Russian imported natural gas to USD 4...> дальше

  • 31.03.14 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds rallied sharply last week after a preliminary agreement between the new Kyiv government and the IMF on new lending was a...> дальше

  • 27.03.14 Металлургия и горнодобывающий сектор

    While the 25% YtD devaluation in Ukraine’s hryvnia in 2014 bodes well for export­oriented Ferrexpo, this will not be sufficient to offset a projected ...> дальше