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  • 22.06.15 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereigns slid sharply last week, with benchmark Ukraine-23s losing 5.4% to 51.5/53.0 (20.0%/19.4%) amid the real possibility that the Fina...> дальше

  • 15.06.15 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereigns lost ground despite a strong start last week, after Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko again pointedly told bondholders that the go...> дальше

  • 08.06.15 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds advanced last week, reflecting a generally positive IMF staff statement after the first review under the USD ...> дальше

  • 04.06.15 Финансовый сектор

    Ukrainian banks have found themselves caught in a trap of deteriorating asset quality following the dramatic devaluation of the hryvnia that occurred ...> дальше

  • 02.06.15 Агро сектор

    Kernel managed to expand its EBITDA by 54% YoY in 3Q15 (Jan­Mar’15) to USD 115mn. The main drivers were a 4­year high crushing margin of USD 278/t in ...> дальше

  • 02.06.15 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds rose last week thanks to improved sentiments after the country sold USD 1.0bn US-backed bonds. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Fina...> дальше

  • 27.05.15 Агро сектор

    MHP increased its EBITDA by 16% YoY to USD 123mn in 1Q15, driven mainly by lower SG&A and other operating costs, as gross profit grew by only 5%. MHP ...> дальше

  • 25.05.15 Облигации

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended lower last week, although only moderately so, as issues recovered most of their initial losses after th...> дальше

  • 18.05.15 Облигации

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended mixed last week after the Finance Ministry and a creditor group led by Franklin Templeton accused each other of st...> дальше

  • 12.05.15 Облигации

    Prices for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds continued to move in a sideways trend last week as no new information was revealed about a possible restructu...> дальше