Equity and Debt Financing

Eavex Capital believes that when your company is considering capital raising, your investment banking partner should provide a balanced assessment of the financing opportunities available to your company.

This process should begin with a review of your business, your business strategy and your financing needs. Your banker should then explain the full range of instruments available to you in the current market. Your banker should explain how each financing instrument performs under various market conditions. Further, your banker should make clear to you what is required of your company in order to use each of the available instruments. 

Only through this process can you guarantee that the instrument you choose is most suitable for your purposes.

Finally, your banking partner should detail the process of the transaction and the value added by your banker at each of the six key stages of success:

The six stages of success

  1. Development of a Financing Strategy
    • Accomplishment of near-term goals
    • Adherence to long-term strategy
    • Maintenance of flexibility for dynamic market and industry developments
  2. Selection of a proper financial instrument, considering:
    • Company requirements and limitations
    • Market capacity and timing
    • Relative risk-adjusted advantages and costs of each available instrument
  3. Development of the financing instrument
    • Formation of underwriting
    • Preparation of the Prospectus, Investment Memorandum and Analytical Materials
  4. Pre-transaction preparation
    • Internal preparation of the company
    • Due diligence
    • Market preparation of potential investors and targets
  5. Execution
    • Maximizing proceeds
    • Minimizing risks and costs
    • Minimizing time disruptions within the company
  6. Ongoing support
    • Market-making
    • Research coverage
    • Development of next stage of strategy