• 03.21.17  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian Eurobonds remained in a downward correction corridor last week even before the negative news this past weekend that the IMF has delayed cons...read more

  • 03.21.17  EAVEX Weekly

    Ukraine’s local equity market was dominated by speculation ahead of the expiration of the March future contracts. Market players opened short position...read more

  • 03.16.17  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian Eurobonds were soft again last week as the trade blockade of the Donbass separatist-occupied territories by uncontrolled nationalist paramil...read more

  • 03.16.17  EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed equities ended lower last week as traders took advantage of a holiday-shortened trading week to pause and take some profits after the loca...read more




03.21.17 IMF Delays Ukraine Disbursement Due to Donbass Blockade Decree

Ukraine’s Finance Ministry said the delay is due to the IMF’s need to examine the economic effects of the government’s newly-announced official ban on...read more