• 05.23.17  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds remained on the rise last week as the final granting of a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens by the European Union ...read more

  • 05.23.17  EAVEX Weekly

    Ukraine’s main equity index fell sharply last week, although the drop was due entirely to the expected technical event of a correction in this year’s ...read more

  • 05.15.17  Fixed Income

    High-yield fixed income instruments were in demand last week on global markets, boosting quotes for Ukrainian sovereign debt, which is still traded be...read more

  • 05.15.17  EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed Ukrainian equities were soft amid a second consecutive week of very limited holiday trading, as Ukraine has now established an additional ...read more




05.23.17 UkrStat Reports 2.4% YoY GDP Growth in Ukraine for 1Q17

The figure marks the fifth consecutive quarter of growth for the Ukrainian economy after a two-year recession. ...read more