• 12.10.18  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds regained most of their big losses last week after international investors came to the conclusion that nothing has really...read more

  • 12.10.18  EAVEX Weekly

    Most Kyiv-listed stocks continued to trade in an inactive mode amid the continued suspension of operations at the Ukrainian Exchange, the country’s la...read more

  • 12.03.18  Fixed Income

    Both Ukrainian sovereign and corporate Eurobonds got hammered last week, becoming victims of the negative buzz after Russian border guards fired on th...read more

  • 12.03.18  EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian stocks came under pressure early last week after an incident in the Kerch Strait (between the Azov and Black Seas) in which Russian border g...read more




12.10.18 NBU Reserves Increase by USD 975mn After Eurobond Placement

Ukraine’s foreign currency reserves increased by USD 975mn (+5.8%) to USD 17.71bn in November, the National Bank of Ukraine said on Dec 5. ...read more