• 07.18.16  Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds rose again last week as global investors resumed their hunt for risky high-yield instruments amid the strong post-Brexi...read more

  • 07.18.16  EAVEX Daily

    Locally-listed Ukrainian stocks enjoyed a third straight week of growth, piggybacking on positive global sentiments that occurred in the wake of last ...read more

  • 07.11.16  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds last week climbed to their highest level since their placement in late 2015 following the country’s debt restructuring. ...read more

  • 07.11.16  EAVEX Daily

    Kyiv-listed stocks were mostly higher again last week, as the current price levels give no initiative for short players. Despite a 1-month rise of 5% ...read more




07.11.16 NATO Repeats Previous Declarations on Ukraine at Summit

President Poroshenko received a warm welcome at the biennial NATO summit held in Poland on Saturday (Jul 9), holding a joint press event with alliance...read more