• 09.19.16  Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds corrected somewhat on profit taking after the IMF finally gave the country the third tranche of USD 1.0bn und...read more

  • 09.19.16  EAVEX Weekly

    The Ukrainian stock market enjoyed a third good week in a row thanks to more optimism regarding the country’s economy among investors. First of all, U...read more

  • 09.15.16  Fixed Income

    The IMF’s statement that its board of directors will finally consider granting Ukraine its third tranche under last year’s cooperation program acted a...read more

  • 09.15.16  EAVEX Weekly

    The topic of renewed IMF lending was the cornerstone for the Ukrainian stock market last week. News that the IMF board will finally look at Ukraine’s ...read more




09.19.16 IMF Resumption Unlocks Add’l USD 1.7bn in Western Loans

The Ukrainian government has unlocked a fresh USD 2.7bn of Western financial aid to the country from international creditors headlined by the IMF, aft...read more