• 08.29.16  Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds were little changed over the week in which the country marked its 25th anniversary of independence from Moscow. On the ...read more

  • 08.29.16  EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stock again suffered from a lack of investors’ attention last week following news that renewed funding to Ukraine did not make it onto the...read more

  • 08.22.16  Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s Eurobonds were lower last week following the previous week’s widespread reports in the Western media that Russia is bolstering its military ...read more

  • 08.22.16  EAVEX Weekly

    Low liquidity on Ukrainian stock market continues to be a reflection of the country’s risky geopolitical situation, although tensions with Russia appe...read more




08.22.16 Poroshenko Says Income Declarations to be Operational by Aug 31

The e-declarations program has been sanctioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and is a key demand of Western donors to Ukraine....read more